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Data Matters

Data Matters


As with most businesses, the Post Office have a discount scheme for large users. You can make savings even with relatively low mailings, from 1000, but with large mailings you can save thousands of pounds.

Technical Details

Unfortunately there is a catch. The Post Office do not want to give you something for nothing, so in order to get the Mailsort discount you have to do some of their work for them. Your mailing has to be postcoded, and you must sort the whole mailing into Mailsort areas. Manual sorting of 25,000 items is a time-consuming task and can easily eat up any savings you might make with Mailsort. Data Matters has been especially designed to help you make maximum savings. The mailing information from your existing computer system is analysed by the program, and automatically sorted to Royal Mail requirements. From within the program you can produce printed labels, or data files for personalised mailings to tie in with your word processing package for mail merging. If your existing files are not sufficiently postcoded, the program can still provide maximum mailsort discounts by automatically sending some of the problem addresses as a normal mailing. Data Matters is the powerful and versatile way to save time and money on mailings. For many customers, the program will pay for itself the very first time it is used. Data Matters also includes very many powerful features for printing labels and exporting data.


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