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Email management

Email management


Managing email properly is an ever growing challenge. Whether your concerns are for Security (malicious email content causing damage), Archiving, or providing Continuity in the event of an outage of your mail server or Internet connectivity, Mimecast has a hosted solution which can help you enormously.

Technical Details

Mimecast takes the pain out of handling your organization?s most important data: the information that passes through your email systems.
Email management with no complexity and less cost
Effective email management is vital to every business, and IT departments need a practical strategy that is low risk, future proof, immediately affordable, easy to implement and manage, and has a predictable cost profile over the many years of email management that lie ahead
Mimecast provides email management as a single service in the cloud that helps you slash on-premise email storage requirements, ensure complete email availability, email security and email compliance, while providing services to help you get more from your email. We call it "Unified Email Management".
Find out more about the core services of Mimecast?s platform:
    • Email Continuity? keep users working during outages, backed by 100% service availability SLA
    • Email Security>? complete protection from spam, viruses, malware, phishing, and data leaks
    • Email Archiving> ? ?bottomless? mailboxes, Outlook integration, real-time searches, complete security and audit trails for full email compliance


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