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  • TalkTalk
  • The Barcode Warehouse
  • TNT Post
  • Domino UK

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Software Development

Software Development


With such a wide range of functionally rich off-the-shelf software and services available, it is indeed unusual to find an organisation requiring a fully bespoke solution to be developed from scratch. However it is not uncommon to need some existing in-house software to be changed, and equally there is sometimes a need for custom middleware to be written, gluing together a number of separate systems.

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With skills acrued over many years on a variety of platforms, we feel confident to consider development projects on most modern-day platforms including Windows, .NET, as well as UNIX & LINUX platforms. Primarily working in the .NET development environment using C# & Delphi Prism, we feel well placed to tackle commonplace as well as the more obscure kinds of development work, whether application layer, middleware or communications, desktop, web or mobile.


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