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CMC provide technical and architectural consultancy services

1 Jun 2011

CMC provide technical and architectural consultancy services

When Air Business sought to purchase market leading Quadrant Subscription Services, they approached CMC to provide some expertise in terms of IT technical analysis and strategy.
As a project running over a total of approximately 18 months from late 2010 to early 2012, CMC has been instrumental in developing the technical strategy to transition the QSS business to an independant infrstructure, providing new connectivity strategy, DR.
There are multiple technology aspects to the project and this calls for an appreciation of the challenge as a whole, to develop a strategy which is technically viable and cost effective, to consider how migration may occur, and provide estimates of transition and oprational costs.
Beyond acquisition, we have been involved in more detailed network & infrastructure design, capacity planning and equipment specification, at all points throughout with due consideration given to providing high availability, resiliance and disaster recovery. Running alongside this, we have been involved in the work to assess the impact to customer and user during migration, cross-dependancies of activities, and how to minimise or remove downtime.
As an ongoing project which uses very many of the contemporary and foreward thinking virtualisation technologies with which we are already highly familiar, it has been an interesting project. To date we believe CMC have brought many valuable skills and knowledge bases to the project and provided our client with a valuable resource.
Air Business have been a client of CMC since 1996, providing IT infrastructure and consultancy services.


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