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Digital Certificates

Digital Certificates


Digital Certificates can be used to ensure security of data transfers across the web as well as for user or device authentication. In the current climate of false email dialogue, hacking of systems, we strongly encourage the use of digital certificates for any kind of access to a published web site when login credentials are used

Technical Details

The use of certificate to authenticate senders of emails, or to digitally sign documents is a technology which is increasingly gathering pace. Don't be left behind. CMC can advise you about digital certificate technologies and can supply commercial certificates to meet your needs.
There are a number of different kinds of certificates; both in terms of the scope of their use, the deployment rights, and the insurance indemnity provided. This is of particular importance when being used within a PCI-DSS compliant payment processing environment.
We can help you to select the most appropriate product, and provide competitive quotes to supply the certificates valid for various periods of time, from 1 year upwards.


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